"Ayurveda Jeevan" is the mission to make people free from Mental and Physical issues With the Help of Ayurveda and Natural herbs, Our Faith is that one don't required medicines for everthing and
just required to adopt an healthy lifestyle to make their life better.

Vikas_Giri, ayurved Jeevan Natural health
Vikas Giri,
AIIA,New Delhi(IN).

Vikas Giri is a Regular Nursing Officer in AIIA, New Delhi for more than 12 Years,
He is an Specialist in Ayurveda and the Guide for natural health and Ayurved Jaeevan(Ayurvedjeevan.com).

Ankit Giri - ayurved Jeevan Natural health
Ankit Giri,
Certified Psychological Counsellor,
Yoga Instructor,
and IT Profesional who is passionate about health and Ayurveda.

An Yoga instructor and Psychological Counsellor helps the people in getting reid of Mental and Physical Problem with the Help of Ayurveda and Natural Practices.

"Stay Healthy naturally with the help of Ayurveda"