Mental issues:

These problems are associated with our brains and thought processes and can cause many serious issues with later can affect our body and lead to many serious diseases. The most common and serious mental problems are:
1. Stress
2. Anxiety
3. Memory weakness
4. Irritation
5. Lack of concentration
6. Overthinking


Stress is the root cause of many health issues and disturbing life, stress can be Physical or Mental, it is the feeling of Emotional or Physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, nervous, or angry.
Our Body had a Hormone by the name of Cortisol, which is responsible for stress (Some other factors like thyroid, Adrenal Gland, blood Strome etc. are also responsible.) There are two main types of stress:
1. Acute Stress a.k.a. short-term stress (goes quickly), occurs when you do something exciting or new like Mountain Climbing, Taking a Flight for the First time etc. All People have Acute stress at various moments in their life and Vary from Person to Person.
2. Chronic Stress: a.k.a. Long-Term stress can be because of many reasons like Money problems, Divorce or Trouble at work etc.
although Stress is a normal situation long term stress can lead to many serious issues.
Effects: Stress can cause many health issues like constipation, diarrhoea, headaches, memory weakness, high frequency of aches & pains, Body Weakness & Low Energy, Stiff Jaw & neck, Tiredness, sleeping disorders, upset stomach, weight loss, or weight gain, Sexual Disorders etc.
Herbs useful to cure Stress
- Lavender
- Valerian root
- Kava
- Passionflower
- Turmeric
- Chamomile
- Ashwagandha
- Lemon balm(lemon)
Yoga helpful in Stress
- Suk asana
- Bal asana
- Paschimotasana
- Uttanasana
- Brahamariasana
- Titaliasana
- Savasana


It is another form of stress which means worried or tense about something like Thread, fear of attack, something done wrong which could be Penalties to you etc. There is an Idiom in Hindu Mythology that says that “Chinta Chita Saman Hain” means tension and bier are the same. Thousands of the pyre can be responsible for the Anxiety of a Person and can vary from person to person. Long term Anxiety is very Dangerous.
Anxiety can cause very serious problems which involve Both kinds of problems (Mental & Physical). Anyone can have Anxiety as it is very usual but can cause various health issues if remains for long term like:
  1. Generalized anxiety disorder
  2. Social Anxiety disorder
  3. Insomnia etc.
Herbs useful to cure Anxiety
- Ashwagandha
- Kava
- Lavender
- Chamomile, turmeric
Yoga helpful in Anxiety
- Ustarasana
- Bridge pose
- Butterfly pose
- Seated forward bends (Paschimotasana)
- Marjariasana (Cat-Cow pose)
- Bal asana
- Dhanurasana
- Shavaasana (corpse pose)

Memory weakness:

It is the Situation where memorizing things gets hard and affects our day-to-day life.
Memory weakness is a serious problem (especially at a young age), it should be cured as soon as possible.
- Eat food those help in memory boost
- Practice daily yoga
- Keep yourself attentive and worry-free and avoid multi-tasking
- Try to get rid of your problems asap
- Note down the most important moments of the day.
- Consult a specialist i.e., Ayurvedic practitioner or Allopathic doctor if the problem is serious.
Herbs useful to cure Memory Weakness
- Ginseng, Guduchi
- Almond, Shankh Pushpa
- Sage
- Peppermint
- Ashwagandha, Brahimi
- Rosemary.
Yoga Helpful in Memory Weakness
- Malaysian
- Vipassana
- Suryanamakas
- Brahmanic pranayam
- Vajrasana


It is the situation of feeling angry and disturbed, usually, a person becomes little or very aggressive and have less capacity to work efficiently and take correct decisions at that point of time, even person try to avoid talking with anyone.
Irritation can cause problems in social life but also on health like B.P., Mental Stress etc.
- Try to laugh as much as possible
- Keep yourself motivated and happy
- Join a good circle in your workspace/study centre etc
- Try outing at least once a week
Herbs useful to cure Irritation
- Ginseng
- Hyperion Perforated
- Chamomile
- Lavender
- Saffron
- Omega-2 fatty acid
Yoga helpful in Irritation
- Balasana
- Shavasana
- Brahmriasana
- Deep Breath and laughter

Low Concentration:

It is the stage where a person finds difficulty in focusing on a particular task or object/conversation etc.
Low concentration affects the work/study and it is caused because of an unhealthy lifestyle, low nutrition diet, stress, anxiety etc.
- Practice Yoga daily
- Have some nuts and foods rich in nutritions
Buy Ashwagandha for Mental and Physical Health
- Avoid multi-tasking
- Try not to work under pressure.
- Consult a doctor if the problem is very serious.
Herbs useful to cure Low Concentration
- Brahmi
- Shankhpushpi
- Ashwagandha
- Almond
Yoga Helpful in Low Concentration
- Balasana
- Vrikshasana
- Tadasana
- Natrajasana
- Garudasana
- Paschimotasan
- Bakasana
- Ustrasana(Tratak Kriya)
- Virasana


Overthinking is the problem in which a person does not live in present and always think of either past or future and focus on many unrealistic happenings/things, in this situation a person thinks a lot and almost every time. Overthinking does not affect the work of a person but also the health, it can cause heart-related issues and also can make diseases worse if you already have any diseases.
- Keep yourself busy with something
- Practice yoga for freshness and happiness
- Try to think less
- Spare time with your friends and family, it will help you to avoid overthinking.

Herbs useful to cure Overthinking
- Turmeric - ashwagandha
- lavender
- kava
- ginger
- Brahmi
- Tulsa
Yoga Helpful in Overthinking
- Sun salutation
- Warriors pose
- Eagle pose
- Camel pose
- Child pose