Physical Issues:

These issues are associated with pain or discomfort with the body.
The most common issues that are faced by many people nowadays are:
1. Constipation
2. Tiredness
3. Body pain and Headaches
4. Sexual problems
5. Weight gain/ loss
6. Weak immunity


it is the stage of irritable bowel or inconsistent bowel moments which later turns into many other health issues like Piles, Body weakness etc. and even colon cancer, rectal cancer? Constipation could be because of many reasons like stress, irregular eating habits, allergies to some specific food items, Dehydration, lack of dietary fibre etc.
The following can help you avoid developing chronic constipation.
• Include plenty of high-fibre foods in your diet, including beans, vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals and bran.
• Eat fewer foods with low amounts of fibre such as processed foods, and dairy and meat products.
• Drink plenty of fluids.
• Stay as active as possible and try to get regular exercise.
• Try to manage stress.
• Don't ignore the urge to pass stool.
• Try to create a regular schedule for bowel movements, especially after a meal.
• Make sure children who begin to eat solid foods get plenty of fibre in their diets

Remedies to Cure Constipation:
- Due to Chronic Constipation, the bowel got and if you want loose motion or easy bowel then in the night mix 10gm of castor oil with 250 ml of warm milk and drink it at least 30 min before sleep.
- In case of Normal constipation before sleep Boil, 10-12 raisins in a glass of milk and eat those also drink the milk, it will help in Normal Bowel moments, repeat for 3 days in case of serious constipation.
- In case of old Chronic constipation, drinking pure (no salt, ice etc.) orange juice on empty stomach in the morning regularly for 8-10 days Will cure constipation.
- 10 gm of psyllium husk mixed with curd twice (Morning and evening) a day also cures constipation.
- 6 gm of Triphala Powder with 200 ml of warm milk also cure constipation.
Herbs useful in constipation
- Buckthorn
- Ginger

- Peppermint
- Psyllium
- Chamomile
- Rhubarb
- Senna
- Slippery elm
Yoga Helps in Constipation
- Pawanmuktasana
- Malasana
- Balasana


Feeling overtired, with low energy and a strong desire to sleep that interferes with normal daily activities. However, fatigue — especially when it is chronic — is often associated with a health condition or problem. It may also be its chronic condition, called chronic fatigue syndrome. A person with physical fatigue may find it physically hard to do the things they usually do, such as climbing the stairs. Symptoms include muscle weakness, and diagnosis may involve completing a strength test. Fatigue can be because of many reasons including mental issues like stress, anxiety etc., diabetes, depression, and chronic pain, Vitamin’s deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, and poisoning can all affect sleep and cause fatigue.
• Drink plenty of water at regular intervals.
• Be careful with caffeine & try to reduce caffeine amount gradually.
• Eat a healthy diet, eat breakfast, don’t skip meals, don’t overeat, eat iron-rich foods
• Get enough sleep, try to avoid sleeping pills.
• Don’t smoke and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.
Herbs useful in Fatigue
- Liquorice root
- Panax Ginseng
- Maca
- Whitenia-somnifera
- Cordyceps
Yoga Helps in Fatigue
- Bhujangasana
- Dhanurasana
- Mountain pose
- Shavasana

Sexual Problems:

Such problems are very common nowadays, and it is not limited to males only, females also have many problems, and some problems are common among them, Sexual issues include Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Nightfall, Lack of interest in or desire for sex, Pain with intercourse, infertility etc. Sexual Dieses can be formed in the body because of many causes including Mental causes like stress or could be because of any medication or age factor.
Prevention: - Adopt a healthy lifestyle
- Keep yourself stress-free and happy as some issues are Directly related to the Mental state of the person
- Eat healthy food only and avoid any kind of junk/fast food.
Buy Safed Musali for Healthy Body and Sexual issues
- Quit Smoking and Alcohol because their effects on the body are bad.
- Avoid self-medication and consult the specialist if the problem is serious.
- Avoid any kind of Viagra and use natural herbs to cure the problem.
- Stay away from Porn and always talk with your partner if you are facing any issues.
- Meditation is the best solution for most Health Problems.
Herbs useful in Sexual Disorders
- Musli(white or black)
- Ashwagandha
- Shatavari
- Yohimbine
- Ginger
- Saffron
- Shilajeet
- Garlic
- Tribulus Terrestris
Yoga Helps in Sexual Problems
- Dhanurasana
- Naukasana
- Uttampadasana
- Kumbhasana
- Pashimotasana

Weight Gain:

Obesity is one of the most common and Serious problems nowadays because of an Unhealthy lifestyle and Work culture (less Physical effort in daily routine), Obesity not only makes one embarrassed but also lead to many health problems like High cholesterol, B.P., bad impact on Heart, Fatty liver etc.
- Adopt active lifestyle
- Exercise daily
- Eat healthy food only
- Avoid junk and fast foods
- Drink enough water it will control the excess fat.
- Walk daily after meals

Weight loss:

Being under-weight is another problem for some people just like Obesity, it is also embarrassing and can lead to health issues (especially if not genetic), excess weight loss is a serious problem and should be consulted with a medical practitioner and treated.
- Adopt Healthy food and Energy-rich foods
- Do not take Stress
- Keep Your Abdomen & Digestion Healthy
- Do Regular meditation and Exercises those Help in Weight gain
- Do not skip meals
Herbs useful in Weight Gain
- Ashwagandha
- Blessed thistle
- chamomile
- shilajit
- ginger
- chin pi
- clustered apple
Yoga Helps in Gaining some Weight
- Vajrasana
- Supt Bandhanasana
- Sarvangasana
- Bhujangasana
- Matasyasana